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26 february 2021

The Millennium Project will host a World Future Day Global Conversation on March 1, featuring Millennium Project New Zealand Co-Chair Stephanie Pride and Alyn Ware of the World Future Council. The Global Solutions Initiative has scheduled the Global Solutions Summit 2021 for May 27 and 28. The summit “supports the T20 and G20 under the Italian G20 Presidency. It brings together top researchers, policymakers, business leaders […]

25 february 2021

René Wadlow writes on the Association of World Citizens website that “there is still a long road ahead to create meaningful reconciliation” among the factions in Libya following the announcement “of a new executive authority for all of Libya. This interim unity government would lead the administration until national elections which are to be held on December 24, […]

24 february 2021

Michael Weidinger writes on the Democracy Without Borders website, “On February 16th the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) hosted an online session on the question of a global referendum as part of their conference A Planetary Moment celebrating the organization’s 60th anniversary. The panel’s focus shifted primarily to the creation of a global virtual platform which would prepare the ground […]

23 february 2021

Citizens for Global Solutions highlights the winners of the CGS Los Angeles Essay and Video Contest, which required applicants “to select two or three Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton from a subset of 16 of the 85 Federalist Papers…then apply the ideas to a United Federation of Nations for the world, i.e., apply Hamilton’s words about the ‘states’ […]

22 february 2021

Human Rights Watch and more than 70 non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups, and academic institutions including the World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy are calling on the Joe Biden Administration in the United States “to engage constructively with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The U.S. government’s support for the ICC could help secure justice for victims in situations from […]

19 february 2021

Citizens for Global Solutions says on its website that it is interested in becoming a part of the Coalition for the UN We Need “and is in need of a volunteer willing to serve as a CGS Team Leader. This person would follow the work of the coalition, share that information with the CGS Team and distribution list, […]

18 february 2021

Arthur Kanegis of Future WAVE has launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance “a ‘Salute to Rotary’ spot to play on Public Television Stations across the country before the movie ‘The World Is My Country‘ — starting in April and continuing in re-runs for three years! … By supporting this spot we are Saluting Rotary International for its great work around the […]

17 february 2021

Lawrence Wittner writes on the Citizens for Global Solutions website that the entrance into force of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons followed decades of activism peace and disarmament groups. Nevertheless, “despite the obligation of the nuclear powers, under the Nonproliferation Treaty of 1968, to divest themselves of their nuclear arsenals, nine nuclear powers retained thousands […]

16 february 2021

The World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy will host the online meeting “Towards a Common Future: The Potential of a World Federalist Approach” on February 20. Speakers will include Andreas Bummel of Democracy Without Borders, Camila López Badra of Democracia Global, and Jojo Mehta of the Stop Ecocide Foundation. Register here. On the Democracy Without Borders website, Nicolas Rowe summarizes the findings of the Economist Intelligence Unit‘s […]

15 february 2021

The Mondialist writes, “A year ago it was already apparent that the initiative ‘La Marche des Citoyens du Monde‘ would not continue to be active. Now, unfortunately, the discontinuation of the project is definite. … With kind permission of the organising committee, the logo of the initiative has been adopted for our currently dormant campaign […]


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