5 may 2021

In an Inter Press Services joint op-ed marking the United Nations International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace, Andreas Bummel of Democracy Without Borders, Mandeep Tiwana of CIVICUS, and Caroline Vernaillen of Democracy International write in part, “The need for inclusive and democratic global governance to support the three founding pillars of the UN — peace and security, human rights, and development — remains pressing. Yet, major reforms have been elusive despite a wealth of reports and innovative ideas drawn up by experts and activists.” Read full article

Ronald Glossop, Professor Emeritus at Southern Illinois University/Edwardsville, writes on the Citizens for Global Solutions website, “Unfortunately for the world community, [the] world federalist movement was pushed aside by the Cold War and struggles for dominant global power by some more powerful national governments. … The global community desperately needs a resurgence of this movement to transform the confederal United Nations into a federal democratic world government for the global community.” Read full article

The World Government has issued its first coin. “The name of new World Currency is THANK. The value of each coin is A LOT (in numbers: ∞ or Infinity). The obverse of coin depicts Diogenes of Sinope, the first κοσμοπολίτης, with lantern. 104 coins in Nickel silver (Neusilber) are intended for payment to TWG employees and suppliers. 201 Brass coins are for numismatic purposes.” More information here

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