4 may 2021

The Forward project, which is “running progressive primaries to find a people-backed candidate to run for [United Nations] Secretary-General this year,” says it has “secured the participation of two highly qualified women to run on a ticket for the roles of Secretary-General, and Deputy Secretary-General”: former Ecuadorian Acting President Rosalía Arteaga and Argentinian legislator Paula María Bertol, respectively. Read full article

Lawrence Wittner writes at Common Dreams, “Last year was a terrible time for vast numbers of people around the globe, who experienced not only a terrible disease pandemic, accompanied by widespread sickness and death, but severe economic hardship. Even so, the disasters of 2020 were not shocking enough to jolt the world’s most powerful nations out of their traditional preoccupation with enhancing their armed might.” Read full article

European Parliament leaders said in an April 29 statement, “We very much welcome the engagement of the Council and the Commission to establish together with the European Parliament the Conference on the Future of Europe as an important space for debate for the citizens to address Europe’s challenges and priorities. This is an opportunity for a broad debate on our future and needs to be carried out in a serious process.” Read full article

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