30 april 2021

On its website, Citizens for Global Solutions shares a remembrance of Roman Catholic theologian Hans Küng by Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow. Wadlow writes, “Kung wanted to find a moral code that would provide a global way of life conducive to peace. He became active in the Parliament of the World’s Religions which had been an effort in the 1880s to develop dialogue among representatives of religions. A century later the Parliament was revived and has held a session every five years or so meeting in different parts of the world.” Read full article

Parliamentarians for Global Action reports that during its International Council Meeting, the organization “launched the Second Pillar of the Democratic Renewal and Human Rights Campaign — the ‘Global Parliamentary Code of Democratic Conduct.'” Read full article

The Mondialist marked Earth Day by writing, “Celebrations and events should take place around the world to mark the occasion. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, most of them are cancelled. This was also the case last year.” The site points to its statement last year marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Read full article

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