26 april 2021

Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow writes, “International Mother Earth Day on 22 April each year was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009. Its aim is to promote living in harmony with Nature and to achieve a just balance among the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations.” The concept “of living in harmony with Nature is relatively new as a U.N. political concept. Yet it is likely to be increasingly a theme for both governmental policy making and individual action.” Read full article

The LivePrayer Daily Devotional blog looks at the prospects for “a one-world government, economy, and religion as the Bible speaks of,” concluding that the United States is “in play to see the formation of a one-world government, economy, and religion. It is now aligning us with most of the European countries and many other nations around the world, making it very possible for the pages of Revelation to be fulfilled… even in our lifetime!!!” Read full article

The Mondialist announces the reactivation of the Facebook group “Mondialists, unite!” which had been put on hiatus a year ago. Read full article

One reply on “26 april 2021”

If you want to get a thick pack of meaningless feel-good phrases for the weekend, you should enter the string “in harmony with nature” in Google and then click on any links: Hollow chatter is guaranteed. After all, Google offers 442,000 hits for the fixed five words. And only in German.

I have always been interested in what this harmony is actually supposed to be. If nature goes ka-boom (e.g. during a volcanic eruption), do I also have to go ka-boom to be in harmony? I also don’t have an answer to the question of why there are usually no single sounds on sound carriers, such as a sine tone, but a wide variety of multiple sounds, which we also like much better.

So what sounds where and why should I make the same sound? Wouldn’t any band break up immediately if they all just made the same sound? Why is that good with nature? Above all, it brings out completely different sounds.

What is meant by this metaphor anyway? Should I now, when it is 0° outside, also cool down to 0° in order to be in “harmony”? Should I turn off the light because it’s dark outside? What do people do who work in harmony with nature? Does a forest worker then wait until a tree falls by itself? Why does a crashing aeroplane not feel “in harmony with nature”, although it obeys exactly the same laws of nature as every stone and every tree? Why do mountain farmers claim to be in harmony with nature, when there would hardly be any alpine meadows without human clearing?

Perhaps someone has an apt explanation for this wonderful hollow metaphor of what sounds here, where and how.

A “harmony with nature” longed for with astonishing naivety would mean humanity’s relapse into the helplessness of the Stone Age. Progress would have to be totally blocked. Who could seriously want that? On the contrary: humanity must overcome nature, master it and protect it. Precautions must be taken that minimise the effects of natural disasters and man-made mistakes. But this cannot be done through spiritual fantasies beyond the laws of nature. Science and technology alone offer real opportunities.

And calling our planet a mother is absolutely nonsensical. It only trivialises the situation and doesn’t help us one inch.


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