23 april 2021

United Nations Association of the United States of America Executive Director Rachel Bowen Pittman issued a statement on President Joe Biden’s budget request, saying in part, “Overall, this White House has made clear that America’s foreign policy interests can be best advanced through the UN. In its initial budget request, the Biden-Harris Administration is calling on Congress to pay our assessed dues to the UN on time and in full. … We applaud the administration’s commitment to pay our share to the UN, and will continue to push Congress to lead by the power of our example, work with our allies and partners, and build a better global future that works for all people.” Read full article

On April 6, Parliamentarians for Global Action and the New Zealand Parliament “co-organized a critical event to support and advocate for the immediate and unconditional release of Iranian human rights defender, Nasrin Sotoudeh. Following the great interest received from the event hosted by PGA and the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights in support of Nasrin,” Inter-Parliamentary Union New Zealand Chairperson Louisa Wall convened a panel discussion “where a group of experts discussed how Parliamentarians can champion human rights defenders, protect and realize human rights, and hold governments to account.” Read full article

Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow profiles Hugo Grotius, who “played a crucial role in the development of the Law of States.” Grotius “is a key figure in the transition between the older feudal period and the important role of city-states and the development of a state system.” Read full article

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