16 april 2021

The United Nations Association of the United States of America profiles its Sacramento, California, chapter on its website, writing that in March, the UNA Sacramento Chapter “co-hosted a virtual conversation on the intersections of human rights and United States foreign policy with a focus on the termination of militarism. Partnered with several prominent organizations including (but not limited to) NorCal ResistSacramento Action for Latin America, and the Sacramento Regional Coalition for Palestinian Rights, the UNA Sacramento Chapter delivered an eloquent conversation with CodePink founder Medea Benjamin and a subsequent audience Q&A session for open participation.” Read full article

Jl Koul Jalali writes in India’s New Delhi Pioneer, “A World Government can be established and its Parliament could be elected directly by proportional representation based on population of each member nation Amid ever-increasing threats facing humanity, it’s high time to initiate steps at the governance level to make the world a safer place for mankind.” Read full article

Parliamentarians for Global Action summarizes its February 24 webinar “Disarmament in A Time of Pandemic — The Role of Parliamentarians”, which included 19 members of parliament from nine African nations. Read full article

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