15 april 2021

Brian Son writes on the Democracy Without Borders website, “A UN conference for Yemen on 1 March 2021 was a pivotal moment for governments to commit voluntary funds in support of the Yemeni people, who have already suffered through six years of a man-made catastrophe. With five million people currently teetering on the edge of starvation and over two-thirds of the country’s population in need of humanitarian aid or protection, the situation could not be more urgent. … The world is in dire need of an engine to promote political change and help overcome decades of impasse. It requires an institutional path that leads to a peaceful, just and sustainable world.” A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly “could be this engine.” Read full article

On the Global Dispatches podcast, UN Dispatch’s Mark Leon Goldberg spoke with Kate Dodson, Vice President for Global Health at the United Nations Foundation, about the calls from leaders of 23 countries and the heads of the World Health Organization and the European Union for a new international treaty to confront the next pandemic. Listen here

Vermont peace activist and filmmaker Robin Lloyd of Green Valley Media appeared on the FutureWAVE Films “People Powered Planet” podcast, hosted by Arthur Kanegis:

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