13 april 2021

At, Sean Kelly profiles “Star Trek Communist” Will Nguyen, a fam who hopes to bring the world of Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets into reality. Nguyen said, “In the earth of the future, [we] eliminate poverty, hunger, homelessness, all the stuff that’s hard to still talk about; it’s paradise on earth. How do you actually achieve a one-world government with no national borders, where we’ve eliminated poverty and war and hunger and disease? That’s a pretty significant gain, pretty significant achievement.” Read full article

Global Justice Center President Akila Radhakrishnan said of the decision by the United States to repeal sanctions against the International Criminal Court, “The Biden Administration did the right thing today by ending this reckless assault on a critical and independent judicial institution. Former President Trump’s sanctions were issued to help the US and its close allies evade accountability for their own human rights abuses, but their impact went much further by targeting court officials and their urgent work. Repeal is a start, but if the Biden administration wishes to be a true champion of human rights and the rule of law, it must fundamentally shift the US relationship with the court. This must include a genuine effort to ratify the court’s Rome Statute to demonstrate that the US commitment to justice is not merely rhetorical.”

Episode 16 of “Re-Imagining Our World” with Sovaida Ma’ani of the Center for Peace and Global Governance aired on Saturday:

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