12 april 2021

Keith Best of the World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy announced on April 7, “It is with deep regret that we announce WFM/IGP’s Executive Committee has taken the necessary decision to stop operations of the WFM/IGP Secretariat on current programs and projects that are running out of sufficient funding over the next months. I should like to reassure you that WFM/IGP will continue operations, minimized, to allow for a new chapter of growth for our organization. The Executive Committee recently reviewed and approved a new Strategic Plan for 2021-23 which we are now finalizing and are preparing to present to existing and new donors to provide core funding to support this transition.”

The blog Viable Opposition looks at the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, sharing its proposal in detail and writing, “As you can see, our non-elected overlords are putting things in place with the ultimate goal of creating a one world government under the auspices of a newly formed United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and the World Economic Forum. While this is being done under the auspices of creating a more equal and democratic world for all, in fact, we all know that the oligarchs will be in control and it will be their agenda that is implemented, totally shutting out the voices of ‘the citizens’ that it claims will be heard under a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.” Read full article

A Reddit discussion on /r/futurology asks, “How should representation in new countries or a world government be apportioned?” View full thread

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