8 april 2021

The Mondialist has an update on the World Citizens’ Initiative, writing that the UN75 report “specifically mentions the World Citizens’ Initiative as one of the possibilities for reform and is currently on UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ desk. The timing couldn’t be better, because right now he is preparing his report ‘Our Common Agenda’ that contain his proposals for UN reform. … In the coming months we’ll have to intensify our campaign efforts to make sure that the World Citizens’ Initiative is included in Guterres’ final recommendations when he presents them to the General Assembly in September.” Read full article

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius writes, “For China and Russia, the United Nations is increasingly the venue for unsubtle power plays…that could shape the new world order that’s emerging.” Ignatius says the United States must recommit to the UN, “lest our adversaries hijack global institutions that retain some legitimacy.” Read full article

At his Friendly Atheist blog, Hemant Mehta highlights 2025 — The World enslaved by a Virus, “the worst Christian movie of 2021.” The premise of the film with “the grammatically challenged title,” Mehta writes, “is that COVID has ravaged the planet, leading to a ‘single world government’ (Communism) that banned Christianity. Now a group of Christians in Germany are creating ‘an underground revolution’ to regain their freedom.” Read full article

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