6 april 2021

Victoria K. Holt of the Stimson Center and Hardin Lang of Refugees International, writing in the U.S. political publication The Hill, say the United States “needs to pay its peacekeeping bill” to the United Nations because “peacekeeping works,” helps to “reduce suffering by preventing greater population displacement,” helps “limit the spread of global instability and reduce threats to U.S. national security,” and offers “good deal for the U.S.” since peacekeeping operations “cost at least eight times less than deploying U.S. troops into crisis zones.” Read full article

In late March, the International Criminal Court “held a five-day Training for Counsel with the participation of 197 lawyers registered on the ICC List of Counsel and the List of Assistants to Counsel. This year’s training was held online due to COVID-19 restrictions and was organised in collaboration with the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) and with the financial support of the European Commission.” Read full article

The conservative blog American Digest lists “12 Steps To World Government” that are all progressive United States policy prescriptions and their purported results, ending with “a rebirth of the Soviet Union under Stalin as the result of these steps.” Read full article

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