5 april 2021

Lawrence Wittner writes on the Citizens for Global Solutions website about steps to be taken to overcome opposition to the abolition of nuclear weapons, stating that “developing a stronger international security system would provide a useful way to foster this shift in attitudes.” If the United Nations had the authority and resources to provide nations “with safeguards against external aggression,” Wittner argues, “that would do a great deal to allay the fears of many people who cling to nuclear weapons. And that, in turn, would transform the popular support for the abolition of nuclear weapons that currently exists into massive support for it.” Read full article

Crossroads Europe and the Union of European Federalists are among the sponsors of “Imagining the Europe of the Future: Participatory Democracy in the European Union,” an online event April 13-14 and 20-21. Details available here

Life Learning Magazine republishes a 2002 interview with author and education activist Pat Farenga about the life and work of his colleague John Holt. Farenga says of Holt, “He realized from his experience in the World Federalist Association in the 1940s and ’50s that you don’t change the world (or people’s minds) with great arguments.” Read full article

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