1 april 2021

Democratic World Federalists President Roger Kotila appeared on the Geopolitics & Empire podcast, where he discussed “the need for a world government in the form of a constitutional world federation. He explains the history of the movement, why the League of Nations and the United Nations are not proper forms of global government, and the road ahead.”

International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda offered an update on the transition to her successor, Karim Khan, stating, “Mr. Khan brings with him a wealth of experience and acumen to lead the Office of the Prosecutor…and we welcome him to the post. With the full support of my team, I am committed to ensuring that our colleague, Mr Khan, is in the best position to assume the Office’s crucial mandate when he takes office on the 16th of June. … I have engaged in a series of productive transition discussions with Mr. Khan through telephone conversations, virtual meetings and in person.”

Parliamentarians for Global Action announced that it convened in March to elect Executive Committee members and “discuss actions that Parliamentarians can take to address major threats to democracy and human rights. … [Thirty-one] Parliamentarians from 30 countries participated, representing the National Groups of PGA from all regions of the world.”

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