30 march 2021

Global Minnesota will host a virtual World Health Day Symposium on April 7. The topic “extends all the way from local grassroots issues to global policy initiatives. With its reputation for health care, organizations and companies based in Minnesota are in a unique position to share expertise in improving global health. As the facilitator of this symposium, Global Minnesota serves as a conduit of information that can take local innovations and extend their reach across the world.”

On the United States Institute of Peace website, Andrew Glazzard considers “Guns, Camps And Deradicalization”, writing that “deradicalization, albeit under different labels, is certainly in vogue. … But in places where extremists are not so much anti-social elements as parties in a civil conflict, questions of ideological allegiance can be critical. If the aim is to reintegrate former extremists in their communities, then the communities themselves must be ready to accept them.”

Stephen Strang writes on the Christian website Charisma News, “The Antichrist is on the move. And the rise of globalism and the one-world government is preparing the way.” Strang says author Charles Crismier “says in 1950, John Paul Warburg addressed Congress and declared, ‘We will have world government whether you want it or not. We’ll either have it by you going along with it or by force.’ And in 1990, President George H.W. Bush declared in a joint session of Congress, ‘We are now entering the birth pangs of a new global world order.’ … But what may be the most unsettling news of all is that when President Joe Biden took office, John Kerry, former presidential candidate and Biden’s environmental czar, ‘declared that the election of Joe Biden opened the door to the New World Order,’ Crismier says.”

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