26 march 2021

Stefan Kalberer writes on the Democracy Without Borders website, “Autocratization continued across the world and went ‘viral’ in 2020: The level of democracy enjoyed by the average global citizen is down to levels last found around 1990,” according to the latest report of the Varieties of Democracy Institute at the University of Gothenburg. The study concluded that “25 states are in democratic decline. In contrast, the number of nations in democratization has fallen to 16. Only 4% of the world’s population live in these countries, whereas 34% live in countries that are drifting towards autocracy.”

Lawrence Wittner writes at Common Dreams that the United States government “should promote the general welfare.” The U.S. Constitution clearly states this, and “furthermore, promoting the general welfare is the usual reason that people around the world support some sort of governing authority. After all, if a government doesn’t promote the welfare of its people, what good is it?”

According to Reuters, the International Olympic Committee said on March 12 that it “is not a ‘super world government’ that can resolve political issues in China ahead of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games even though activists say the IOC has ignored Tibetan and Uighur claims of human rights violations.”

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