23 march 2021

Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon write on the Democracy Without Borders website about their Forward project, which is “organizing open digital primaries to identify the first people-backed candidate for the position of United Nations Secretary-General. People from all corners of this planet can join this initiative, vote and themselves become a candidate. … Forward’s campaign has little chances of succeeding this time around, but is a necessary energizer and disrupter in the lack of global politics. By having people from all over the world uniting behind a candidate, the hope is that member states will have no choice but to think twice about this outdated selection process, and what it says about today’s vision of the United Nations.”

Paul F. deLespinasse of Adrian College writes at the U.S. conservative website Newsmax, “Today, our noses are daily being rubbed in the fact that, like it or not, we are already living in one world. None of our major problems — global warming, the pandemic, and energy production — can be solved for the United States (or any other country) without also solving them for the whole world. The atmosphere and weather don’t recognize national borders. … Likewise, the world’s biosphere takes no account of national borders. … Like it or not, we are therefore living in one world, even though our political arrangements haven’t caught up with this fact.”

EU News publishes an appeal from the Union of European Federalists and the Spinelli Group for the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe to embrace a strong and legitimate European political union with the financial resources it needs to fully function.

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