19 march 2021

Democratic World Federalists Vice President Fritz Pointer writes online, “One key tool for maintaining perpetual war is the ‘bloodless narrative’ spun by Pentagon and media lies and manipulation, to create the impression that America’s wars have few consequences, at least for Americans: and appear too often not to care, or are completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of the recipients of their bombs and missiles, oblivious, that is, to the very meaning and power of empathy.”

The United Nations Association of the United States of America is seeking applications for its Campus Fellow program for the 2021-22 year. The UNA-USA Campus Fellows program “provides UNA-USA students with the opportunity to act on global issues while developing their skills as UNA-USA leaders. As field organizers of UNA’s campus chapter network, Fellows play a key role in expanding UNA-USA’s reach across the nation.”

In a French-language piece on the Association of World Citizens website, Bernard J. Henry considers the role of women in Afghanistan.

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