18 march 2021

Richard A. Falk, Princeton University professor emeritus, spoke with the Global Governance Forum podcast about why “peace and security [are] in constant need of the kind of tireless and laborious effort that led to the establishment of institutions for global governance like the UN and EU” and why “international cooperation is vital today, COVID-19, and the future of the UN, the EU and global governance as a whole.”

An essay by Lisbeth Cobena submitted as part of the 2020 contest sponsored by the St. Louis Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions appears on the CGS website. Cobena writes, “What the United States can do to save and protect the Amazon Rainforest is spread awareness about how many international corporations are abusing overseas territories. … The United States, with its global influence, can bring together other nations, so more ideas and rentable solutions are sought. The implementation of new international policies that protect nature needs to be applied at an alarming rate.”

Parliamentarians for Global Action has released its 2020 annual report, saying on its website that “the year was defined by tremendous obstacles, and many achievements.”

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