17 march 2021

Ken Godfrey of the European Partnership for Democracy, writing for Carnegie Europe, examines “How The EU Can Better Avoid Bankrolling Authoritarianism,” writing, “Many Europeans have grown uneasy about democratic backsliding and creeping authoritarianism in some member states. As a result, European leaders agreed in late 2020 to create a new mechanism linking allotments of union funds to EU member states with those countries’ respect for the rule of law — in other words, making the transfer of EU funds to member states conditional. … EU institutions would be wise to ensure stronger links between values and funding externally.”

The World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy has released a summary report on its October 2020 virtual conference, a two-day event that “explored both longstanding and emerging issues, threats, opportunities, and solutions within the struggle to achieve world federalism.”

International Criminal Court President Chile Eboe-Osuji reflects on his tenure as his term ends and he is succeeded by Judge Piotr Hofmański:

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