15 march 2021

An essay by Marina Henke submitted as part of the 2020 contest sponsored by the St. Louis Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions appears on the CGS website. Henke writes, “The most fruitful step the United States can make towards improving global life involves a correction of its past missteps, a new foreign policy. … Groups like NATO, the G8, and the United Nations all provide models for collaborative and open global problem-solving. Ultimately, making unions among and between nations more enforceable and restructuring them to reflect modern governing bodies will prove the challenge of the coming decades.”

Columnist Jeff Davidson writes on the conservative U.S. website Townhall that “as the U.S. declines, the global elite believe that they move closer and closer to their goal of having a one-world government. Headed by global elites — Leftist multi-million dollar career politicians and Leftist billionaires, who pull the strings around the world — such a government supposedly will produce the utopian society the Left fervently desires. … The global elite’s decades-long quest for a one-world government is exceedingly far from American ideals.”

The People-Powered Planet podcast featured Marna Anderson and Kalaya’an Mendoza of the Nonviolent Peaceforce, where they discussed “forging a new form of Peacekeeping without guns”:

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