12 march 2021

The United States Institute of Peace has created a series of Action Guides “focused on religion and conflict analysis, mediation, reconciliation and gender-inclusive religious peacebuilding in collaboration with the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers and the Salam Institute for Peace and Justice. These Action Guides provide a practical overview of the religious peacebuilding field and the role religion plays in driving both conflict and peace, examples of how religious actors and institutions have contributed to the prevention and resolution of conflict, and considerations for how best to engage the religious sector in peacebuilding.”

The fact-checking site FullFact says it has been asked by readers “to look at claims about something called ‘Agenda 2030,’ and its links to claims that Covid-19 is being used to begin the ‘enslavement of humanity.’ … Other fact checkers [like PolitiFact] have assessed general conspiracy theories about Agenda 2030, namely claims that it will create a world government or a ‘new world order.’ There is no credible evidence for these claims.”

Joanne Lu writes at UN Dispatch that the United Nations may adopt “a new accounting framework, the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting — Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EA), which…could change how countries make economic decisions and policies to include more sustainability and have a ‘significant impact’ on efforts to address environmental emergencies, like climate change and biodiversity loss.”

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