9 march 2021

On the Citizens for Global Solutions website, Larry M. David writes, “It’s still a mess out there. A short list of what’s on” new U.S. President Joe Biden’s “foreign policy plate includes damage to relationships with institutions of regional and global governance like the EU, NATO, and the UN, hot spots such as the Middle East, North Korea, China, Russia, Africa, Venezuela and Central America, and the longest war continues in Afghanistan. … The good news is that President Biden is eminently qualified to assume leadership.”

On the Arms Control Association website, Daryl G. Kimball writes that U.S. President Joe Biden’s desire “‘to maintain a strong, credible deterrent while reducing our reliance and excessive expenditure on nuclear weapons’…will require a sober-minded reassessment of outdated nuclear deterrence assumptions, a fresh look at Trump-era nuclear weapons spending plans, and political courage. Biden can start by directing his team to put on hold the Pentagon’s scheme to develop, test, and deploy beginning in 2029 a new fleet of 400 land-based, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).”

On March 8, Young World Federalists hosted “a panel discussion with women world federalists about the intersection between women’s empowerment and world federation and how world federalism can be more inclusive to women”:

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