8 march 2021

Democracy Without Borders, in a website post, highlights UN2020’s “transform[ation] into the Coalition for the UN We Need, in short C4UN. UN2020 was a civil society-led campaign that was striving to use the opportunity of the UN’s 75th anniversary for much-needed stocktaking, recognition of achievements, and consideration of measures to strengthen the organisation. In an era of national populism and questioning of multilateralism, this work has not been easy.”

On the Citizens for Global Solutions website, Lawrence Wittner writes, “Given the increasingly dysfunctional nature of individual nations on the world stage, isn’t it time to consider strengthening global governance?” Over the past several decades, “the world federalist movement ebbed, while nations — especially ‘the great powers’ — largely followed their parochial interests. … Even so, there remain organizations, like the World Federalist Movement, that promote global governance, as well as startlingly large numbers of people who seem ready for it.”

Parliamentarians for Global Action says on its website that “as a follow up to the Strategic Dialogue between Parliamentarians and Civil Society Representatives on Harmful Practices in Kenya that took place on December 16, 2020, PGA facilitated a meeting between Members of Parliament of Kenya and members of Girls Not Brides’ National Partnership in Kenya to discuss concrete actions to end child, early and forced marriage. They met in the Kenyan Parliament on February 18, 2021.”

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