5 march 2021

Massimo Spinelli writes at the New Federalist, “Considering border closures across Europe merely as a way to combat the pandemic spread does not show the big picture. … Since the pandemic’s breakout, communitarian institutions and the European Commission have tried to stop governments from shutting down their borders, at least unilaterally speaking, with a particular focus on preserving the openness of the single market. … Whichever side the blame lies upon, at the end of the day, the suffering party is once again the refugees.”

The African Union Commission announced that it has “inaugurated the Internal Committee on the Fund for African Women, a demonstration of the commitment by the Union to advance its quest for gender equality and women’s empowerment. The Committee will be crucial in developing sustainable and comprehensive strategy on the transition of the Fund for African Women into a Trust Fund for African Women and oversee the implementation of the proposed activities for the fund to ensure transparency and efficiency.”

On February 18, Parliamentarians for Global Action hosted a panel discussion on “How Parliamentarians Can Support At-Risk Human Rights Defenders”:

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