Democratic World Federalists: “Get the Point – Not to Know is Bad: Not to Wish to Know is Worse”

By Fritz Pointer

“Everything we face, we may not be able to change, but it is certain that what is not faced can never be changed.” — James Baldwin

One key tool for maintaining perpetual war is the “bloodless narrative” spun by Pentagon and media lies and manipulation, to create the impression that America’s wars have few consequences, at least for Americans: and appear too often not to care, or are completely oblivious to the pain and suffering of the recipients of their bombs and missiles, oblivious, that is, to the very meaning and power of empathy.

It was, no doubt, this kind of voluntary and involuntary blindness, this policy of “don’t look, don’t tell” that banned media from Dover Air Force Base, where deceased American personnel arrive from the Middle East. The dead are one part of the “bloodless narrative,” the wounded are another.

[The rest of this piece can be read here.]

One reply on “Democratic World Federalists: “Get the Point – Not to Know is Bad: Not to Wish to Know is Worse””

From the article
Walter Cronkite: “… But the American colonies did it once and brought forth one of the most nearly perfect unions the world has ever seen.”
Why, then, did the American Civil War occur?
Federation is not automatically a guarantor of peace, see Yugoslavia.
It takes a little more than a constitution. This also applies to a future World Union.
After all, we do not want to replace wars with world civil wars.


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