4 march 2021

The Stimson Center and other organizations will host “European Perspectives on Taking Forward the un75 Declaration: From Reflection to Innovation & Action” on March 4 at 1330 UTC. The forum “seeks to provoke debate on the necessary efforts for translating the momentum generated in 2020 into tangible actions for reinvigorating and strengthening the United Nations.” Speakers will include Richard Ponzio of the Stimson Center, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination Volker Türk, and Fatima Zaman of the Kofi Annan Foundation.

On the Democracy Without Borders website, Tatjana Söding reviews the new book Can Globalization Succeed? A Primer for the 21st Century, writing that author Dena Freeman, a senior visiting fellow at London Schools of Economics’ Department of Anthropology who is an advisor to Democracy Without Borders, offers a “clear and concise” introduction to “the complex conceptual, historical, political, social, and economic dimensions of globalization. Her unbiased but sharp analysis is unambiguous in pointing towards the shortcomings of neoliberal globalization. Contrary to many contemporary critiques of globalization, Freeman leaves her readers in hope that globalization’s most successful, fair, and egalitarian hours might still lie ahead of us.”

The Global Justice Center website carries “An Open Letter to the UN Security Council and Individual UN Member States” that calls on the UN Security Council and UN member states “to urgently institute a coordinated, global arms embargo on Myanmar in response to the February 1, 2021 military coup that has deprived the people of Myanmar of the right to democratically elect their government.”

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