3 march 2021

On the Democracy Without Borders website, Petter Ölmunger writes, “If there is an effort to globalize national democracy, without a parallel effort to democratize global governance, democratic institutions at the nation-state level will become increasingly hollow and ineffective, as more and more issues are dealt with at the democratically unaccountable intergovernmental level. … Just as national democracy has emerged from a gradual process in which local initiatives and national institutional reforms have alternately led the process forward, so the expansion of the right to democracy to the global scale will depend on an interaction between national democratization and democratic reforms of the institutions of global governance.”

At Green Left, Simon Butler reviews Climate Leviathan: A Political Theory for Our Planetary Future by Geoff Mann and Joel Wainwright, calling it “a jarring, dissatisfying read.” Butler says the authors warn of “a future ‘new imperial hegemony’ where a single state or handful of powerful states attain global hegemony and ‘seize command, declare an emergency, and bring order to the Earth, all in the name of saving life.’ … Which political parties, organisations or powerful interests are campaigning for a world government of any description?” Butler says “the notion that the United Nations climate process could be a platform for creating some kind of world government is just not credible.”

Episode 11 of “Re-Imagining Our World” with Sovaida Ma’ani of the Center for Peace and Global Governance aired last Saturday:

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