2 march 2021

On the Citizens for Global Solutions website, Donna Park writes, “The idea that a vast military machine will keep us safe and secure is outdated, especially given the real and perceived threats to American security. … Would a democratic federation of nations really help the United States become more secure? Yes, just the way New York is more secure today as a member of the United States than it would be on its own, the United States would be more secure in the future as a member of the United Federation of Nations.”

Global Justice Center President Akila Radhakrishnan told Voice of America, “We welcome the election of Karim Khan as the next [International Criminal Court] prosecutor and look forward to working with him to deliver justice to victims of international crimes, including survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Prosecutor [Fatou] Bensouda has taken important steps to center a gender perspective and approach to the work of the prosecutor’s office, and we hope that Prosecutor Khan will continue to build on this legacy.”

Parliamentarians for Global Action member Anita Vandenbeld, a Liberal member of the Canadian Parliament, in a speech to the House of Commons called for the release of Senator Leila de Lima of the Philippines, a fellow PGA member and vocal critic of the Administration of Rodrigo Duterte, from prison there.

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