1 march 2021

The Mondialist highlights the book The Greatest Challenges of Our Time by László Szombatfalvy — available for download in English and in German — as a work that “shows the inevitability of a future global legal order if we want to avoid the otherwise certain demise of our civilisation. The resulting logic is a powerful plea to work for the political unification of humanity in a federal World Union, even if the goal still seems a long way off.”

In South Africa’s Daily Maverick, international criminal justice lawyer Angela Mudukuti critiques the selection process for the new International Criminal Court chief prosecutor, writing that the Assembly of States Parties failed to reach a consensus on a candidate, meaning that Karim Khan “will start his term in office without the same political support a consensus candidate might have enjoyed.” Mudukuti says the Assembly of States Parties “should move quickly to create a permanent vetting mechanism for future elections, including judicial elections in two years.”

The complete video of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy conference “Towards a Common Future: The Potential of a World Federalist Approach” is available online:

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