24 february 2021

Michael Weidinger writes on the Democracy Without Borders website, “On February 16th the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) hosted an online session on the question of a global referendum as part of their conference A Planetary Moment celebrating the organization’s 60th anniversary. The panel’s focus shifted primarily to the creation of a global virtual platform which would prepare the ground for global referendums. There was general agreement that groups working on this subject should be collaborating closely with each other to achieve synergies and avoid duplication.”

The Catholic Sensibility blog rejects criticisms of Roman Catholic Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tuttiwriting, “Some conservatives shudder and yap on about the one-world-government or some variation thereof. The real aspiration has nothing much to do with second millennium constructs like nations or governments. … Indeed, ‘the ever-increasing number of interconnections and communications in today’s world makes us powerfully aware of the unity and common destiny of the nations. In the dynamics of history, and in the diversity of ethnic groups, societies and cultures, we see the seeds of a vocation to form a community composed of brothers and sisters who accept and care for one another.'”

United Nations Development Programme official Arora Akanksha discusses her bid for UN secretary-general in a YouTube video:

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