23 february 2021

Citizens for Global Solutions highlights the winners of the CGS Los Angeles Essay and Video Contest, which required applicants “to select two or three Federalist Papers written by Alexander Hamilton from a subset of 16 of the 85 Federalist Papers…then apply the ideas to a United Federation of Nations for the world, i.e., apply Hamilton’s words about the ‘states’ to the world’s 200 nations.”

Annika Pietrus writes at the New Federalist that the conclusion of negotiations on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment between China and the European Union was “celebrated as an important step to create a more level playing field for European investors in China,” but it has been “highly critiqued by European lawmakers, the international media, human rights groups and the current US administration.”

Alan Sked writes at ThinkScotland about how notions of world government arose during World War II in the United States and Europe, and how U.S. aspirations for a federal Europe were thwarted in the aftermath of the war.

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