22 february 2021

Human Rights Watch and more than 70 non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups, and academic institutions including the World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy are calling on the Joe Biden Administration in the United States “to engage constructively with the International Criminal Court (ICC). The U.S. government’s support for the ICC could help secure justice for victims in situations from Myanmar to Darfur, just as it helped facilitate the February 4 historic conviction of a former leader of an armed rebel group for war crimes and crimes against humanity in northern Uganda.”

Meghan O’Sullivan of at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, in a post published on the United States Institute of Peace website, argues that “the best bulwark against a Taliban return to the battlefield will be a negotiated process that successfully incorporates the group into a mutually acceptable political arrangement for Afghanistan so that its leadership and those who look to it believe that they are reaping adequate benefits from the political process that a return to arms would risk.”

Jan Ruijgrok, “a futurist and innovator with special interest in technological impact on social behavior,” Brendan Dunphy, “entrepreneur and social innovator,” and Mike Northcott, “founder of Spearfish Innovation and former Hewlett-Packard Vice President of Global Operations Strategy,” appeared on the People-Powered Planet podcast to discuss how “a virtual nation state would provide…citizenship, a digital identity, and many of the rights normally accorded by nation states — but would not tied to geography, history, or birth.”

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