19 february 2021

Citizens for Global Solutions says on its website that it is interested in becoming a part of the Coalition for the UN We Need “and is in need of a volunteer willing to serve as a CGS Team Leader. This person would follow the work of the coalition, share that information with the CGS Team and distribution list, and work with the Team to identify opportunities for CGS to participate in the activities of the Coalition.”

The New Federalist says on its website that the Young European Federalists “welcomed the appeal of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, leader of Belarusian opposition, to take action on 7th February, the international day of solidarity for Belarus. The call to action is to write as many letters as possible to Belarusian political prisoners. We hope that many will spend few minutes of their time writing letters, taking inspirations from the templates shared in our Infokit for sections.”

Antony Mueller, professor of economics at the Universidade Federal de Sergipe in Brazil, criticizes the idea of world government in an 11-minute YouTube video:

2 replies on “19 february 2021” The professor from Brazil should read my article on a problem with the current nation state system — nations can do whatever they want even if it endangers the world community. Also, the professor doesn’t know the difference between world government and world federal government. The Earth Constitution (designed to replace the defective UN Charter) is a world federation, and designed so that there will be no world dictator….it’s a “”parliamentarian” design; there is no “president”. Nations will continue to exist but with freedom from the danger of wars or nuclear war.


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