18 february 2021

Arthur Kanegis of Future WAVE has launched a GoFundMe campaign to finance “a ‘Salute to Rotary’ spot to play on Public Television Stations across the country before the movie ‘The World Is My Country‘ — starting in April and continuing in re-runs for three years! … By supporting this spot we are Saluting Rotary International for its great work around the world AND also enabling the filmmakers to promote ‘The World Is My Country’ nationwide!” The film tells the story of World Service Authority founder Garry Davis.

Parliamentarians for Global Action said in a statement, “As organizations of current and former lawmakers from across the world, we stand in solidarity with the elected representatives of Myanmar’s Parliament, and call on the military to respect democracy, allow parliament to resume, and for MPs to be allowed to fulfil their mandate without impediment.” PGA said it “applaud[s] and support[s] efforts by our colleagues to protect the institution of the Parliament and to continue to conduct the mandate they were entrusted with by the people of Myanmar.”

Julia Wagner writes at New Federalist, a publication of the Young European Federalists that the January event “Conference on the Future of Europe — Launch of a New Europe, or Just Another Disappointment?” “unfortunately brought up more speculation and demands than producing new insights. It circled mainly around the (dis)advantages” of changes to the Lisbon Treaty “and the question of citizens’ participation in the conference.”

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