17 february 2021

Lawrence Wittner writes on the Citizens for Global Solutions website that the entrance into force of the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons followed decades of activism peace and disarmament groups. Nevertheless, “despite the obligation of the nuclear powers, under the Nonproliferation Treaty of 1968, to divest themselves of their nuclear arsenals, nine nuclear powers retained thousands of nuclear weapons — with 13,400 remaining today — and continued to develop and deploy new nuclear weaponry. … The nuclear powers, opposed to the TPNW from the start, have refused to sign it and show no sign of accepting its jurisdiction over their nuclear policies. This evasion of responsibility provides yet another illustration of why global governance should be strengthened.”

On the Global Solutions Initiative website, Anaswara Kovithal writes that 2020 was “a year that tested our resilience and forced us to reflect on the delusion of decoupled growth. … We stand at a strategic crossroads where the actions of the next decade will pave the way to witness if it is still late to save our planet. We can no longer afford the business as usual and a definite pivot from our current order is required.”

Right Wing Watch notes that at a December 12 rally “organized by religious-right supporters of former [U.S.] President Donald Trump’s effort to stay in power,” Alex Jones, a “notorious conspiracy theorist,” linked world government to Satanism. Jones said in part, “God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy. … World government, implantable microchips, Satanism is out in the open.”

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