15 february 2021

The Mondialist writes, “A year ago it was already apparent that the initiative ‘La Marche des Citoyens du Monde‘ would not continue to be active. Now, unfortunately, the discontinuation of the project is definite. … With kind permission of the organising committee, the logo of the initiative has been adopted for our currently dormant campaign ‘Eight Billion Steps to the Unity of Mankind.'”

The Citizens for Global Solutions website carries an essay by Gwyneth Henke, awarded first place in the 2020 contest sponsored by the St. Louis Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions, on combating Islamophobia. Henke writes that the United States “must set an example of inclusion and equality for American Muslims. The language and discourse practiced by high-level American diplomats and public figures has tremendous consequence for Muslims throughout the world, and our recent public record has been abysmal.” The U.S. must also “recognize the role its military aggression in the Middle East has played in fanning Islamic extremism, and to repair the damage it has done to Muslim communities in areas decimated by American military forces.”

JL Koul Jalali writes in India’s New Delhi Pioneer that “there has to be a paradigm shift in giving the [United Nations] a new mandate on the way to turning it into a democratic world government. … A long, sustained campaign could also turn the utopia of a world democratic government into a possibility.”

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