11 february 2021

New United Nations Peacebuilding Commission Chair Mohamed Fathi Ahmed Edrees said the commission “will seek to strengthen its advisory, bridging and convening roles, with a focus on engaging all actors to prioritize ‘impact’ in support of national peacebuilding objectives.” He said that Egypt, “as an African country, remains fully committed to ensure the United Nations peacebuilding architecture remains engaged on the continent.

Parliamentarians for Global Action has condemned the coup in Burma, stating, “PGA joins the statements issued by representatives of democratic States, including former PGA member and current Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, who urged the Myanmar military ‘to respect the rule of law’ and ‘release immediately all civilian leaders and others who have been detained unlawfully.'”

Mark Leon Goldberg writes at UN Dispatch, “The security and humanitarian situation in the Central African Republic has rapidly deteriorated over the last several weeks. An alliance of rebel groups backing the former president Francois Bozize have captured significant territory throughout the country,” seeking to overturn the results of December elections. Rwanda and Russia “have come to the aid of the government of the Central African Republic. Meanwhile, over half a million people have fled to neighboring countries in recent weeks, mostly the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

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