9 february 2021

In an online essay, Fritz Pointer of Democratic World Federalists considers Article 12.3 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, which protects “freedom of thought and conscience, speech, press, writing, communication, expression, publication, broadcasting, telecasting, and cinema, except as an overt part of or incitement to violence, armed riot or insurrection.”

On its website, the United Nations Association of the United States of America profiles its Harvard University Chapter. Chapter President Chinaza Asiegbu said, “It’s been very exciting to see the growth of our chapter since we first started. Our proudest achievement as a chapter would be our activities surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement over the summertime. … After the murder of George Floyd and the elevation of many Black Lives Matter protests nationwide, we decided to have an event with Harvard Kennedy School, Students Versus Pandemics chapter at Harvard, the Women in Power conference, and the UNA-USA Greater Boston chapter.”

The new website calls for “global governance by a world government to achieve peace on Earth. We see the United Nations General Assembly (193 member states) as the beginning of a world government.” The site so far has several discussion forums, but little other information, and is from a Christian perspective, with one section endorsing “Jesus as ruler of the World Government.”

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