4 february 2021

Joanne Lu writes at UN Dispatch that the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index released in December for the first time “includes each country’s environmental impacts, and the results are not good, especially for some of the highest ranking countries. … At the top of the index remain Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iceland. At the bottom are still Niger, Central African Republic and Chad. But this year, the index offered countries another score adjusted for carbon dioxide emissions and material consumption.” This result “causes Norway to drop 15 places, Iceland to drop 26, Australia 72, Singapore 92 and the United States 45.”

Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow profiles sociologist and activist Pitirim Sorokin, who “was concerned, especially in the period after the Second World War, with the relation between the values and attitudes of the individual and their impact on the wider society. His key study Society; Culture and Personality: Their Structure and Dynamics (1947) traced the relations between the development of the personality, the wider cultural values in which the personality was formed, and the structures of the society.”

Sovaida Ma’ani of the Center for Peace and Global Governance was the guest on After This, the podcast of the Young World Federalists, in early January. Ma’ani discussed “how she got involved with World Federalism and her experience with the UN.”

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