2 february 2021

Daniel Deudney of Johns Hopkins University, author of Dark Skies: Space Expansionism, Planetary Geopolitics and the Ends of Humanity, will speak on those topics in a Princeton University virtual seminar on February 17. The description reads in part, “The largest impact of actual space activities has been an increased likelihood of catastrophic nuclear war and an amplification of global closure and vulnerability. Building large-scale orbital infrastructures to meet terrestrial energy and resource needs will probably require or produce world government.”

The Union of European Federalists is seeking a communication trainee. The successful candidate will “help implementing the 2021 UEF communication strategy and activities,” assist the UEF Secretariat “in internal and external communication activities (including on social media),” support the Secretariat “in the organisation of statutory meetings and the implementation of different projects,” and “contribute to the management of day-to-day administrative tasks.”

The 34th Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union is scheduled for February 6-7 and will focus on the theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa We Want.” The theme “will be presented during the upcoming African Union Summit, by the lead Department of Social Affairs at the AUC. … The proposed theme of the year 2021 draws inspiration in the African Union Agenda 2063, as a shared strategic framework and blueprint for inclusive growth and sustainable development.”

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