1 february 2021

In the most recent episode of “Re-Imagining Our World,” Sovaida Ma’ani of the Center for Peace and Global Governance examines the world’s “desperate need [for] worthy and deserving leaders who are fit to meet the needs of their populations and communities at the local, national, and global levels and to address the myriad challenges we face at all these levels. … We need to own the responsibility of electing fit leaders rather than pointing the finger of blame at leaders who are unfit.”

Human Rights Watch and a coalition of other international and regional human rights organizations said that the African Union “has yet to set up a Trust Fund to compensate victims of the former Chadian president Hissène Habré, four years after his historic conviction in Senegal.” Jacqueline Moudeina, lead counsel for Habré’s victims, said, “Habré’s victims fought relentlessly for 25 years to bring him and his henchmen to justice, and were awarded millions of dollars, but they haven’t seen one cent in reparations. Many of the victims who scored these historic victories are in dire straits and in desperate need.”

The World Citizens Association of Australia is sponsoring an essay competition on the theme of Global Governance. High school students are invited to submit essays of 500-1,200 words to Secretary Luiz Bispo via email by Wednesday, March 3. The writers of the three “most creative and best-researched essays” will each receive WCAA membership and a book on world federation.

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