Citizens for Global Solutions: “A Need For United Nations”

by Frank Thomas (DKTC)

The nations of Earth that exist today are built on thousands of years of human civilization, layer after layer showing ambition and theory put to the test of time. Looking back through history, we see a database of strategies and answers to many fundamental questions about how a society runs. Save for new technologies and discoveries, in most avenues of politics, you can find an example of something that has in some way, shape, or form, been tried before.

However, with all those lessons from history, we also draw back a very layered social consciousness, consisting of fears, tensions, and anxieties that hold us back and divide us more often than they unite us. The Earth, once initially filled with abundant resources and space for life, has been divided into factions separated by invisible barriers, in a system that keeps us divided and working against each other. As far as we know, we are alone in the universe, which means that the only enemies we have are those we create.

Global Issues Present an Even Bigger Problem

This becomes dangerous when faced with issues that threaten us all, regardless of nation or creed. 2020 introduced us to a single disease, COVID-19, which spread like wildfire across the world and resulted in panic and shutdown in nearly every nation it touched. While we survived, we are still feeling and reeling from the effects, and it’s clear that part of the problem was caused by an uncoordinated international response. Where some countries were able to contain and properly protect their citizens from the virus, others were unable or unwilling to prepare and lost millions. Fear and resentment over the pandemic only led to us turning away from our neighbors, in a time when we needed to be closer than ever.

[The rest of this piece can be read on the Citizens for Global Solutions website.]

One reply on “Citizens for Global Solutions: “A Need For United Nations””

Excellent article. Global cooperation is the only way we can survive in the long term as a species. However I believe global cooperation can only happen if we are on the same page regarding certain principles. These principles being
1. Freedom and liberty for all
2. Dignity of every individual, no discrimination based on based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity etc.
3. Right of people to decide on their leaders and politicians
4. Right of people to live and travel where they want to
If somehow we are able inscribe the above principles into some sort of constitution setup and get countries to agree on it, we have the possibility to move to a much better world order.
In the beginning there would perhaps be a small orbit of countries who would coalesce around these principles but over time this orbit would expand to include more and more of humanity.


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