26 january 2021

On the Democracy Without Borders website, Lysa John and Mandeep Tiwana offer “Three Proposals To Create A UN That Listens“: the creation of “an office of a people’s or civil society champion…to identify barriers in participation, spur inclusive convenings and drive the UN’s outreach to the public and civil society organisations”; the introduction of “a procedural mechanism in the form of a citizen’s initiative…to mandate key UN bodies including the General Assembly and Security Council to act on matters of global importance following submission of a joint petition by a certain number of global citizens”; and giving “people across the world…an opportunity for direct representation and voice at the UN through a parliamentary assembly.”

The Mondialist took note of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons taking effect on January 22, writing, “It is true that this ban does not apply to states that have not acceded to the treaty. … And unfortunately, it is possible to withdraw from the treaty at any time. That is why the question arises whether a World without Nuclear Weapons will be possible at all under these circumstances. … But this is nothing new. This is how existing international law works. … What is missing is a World Law that is binding for all and a democratically elected World Parliament that sets this law.”

Citizens for Global Solutions on its website highlights the roles of Daniel Ellsberg and Randy Kehler, who both sit on the CGS National Advisory Council, in the Vietnam War draft resistance movement, as detailed in the new documentary film The Boys Who Said No!

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