20 january 2021

The Mondialist highlights the publication of the Democracy Without Borders book A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly in a German-language edition for the first time, writing that the policy briefing “is currently the most up-to-date scientific presentation of the perspectives of a further developed organization of the United Nations, as an impetus and guarantor for a democratic world.”

The United Nations released a detailed “Security Council 2020 Round-Up” of the UNSC’s activities last year, writing, “Working virtually from their homes in New York City and its environs, one of the early hotspots for the novel coronavirus — and, at times, seated between plastic barriers in the official chamber — the Council’s 15 members convened a total of 238 public meetings, adopted 56 resolutions and issued13 presidential statements. In several instances, delegations diverged sharply over competing drafts or language that did not represent the views of all members, resulting in the rejection of seven proposed texts.”

On January 10, Young World Federalists hosted a one-hour livestream discussion on “Federalism in Europe & the World,” which can be watched on YouTube:

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