18 january 2021

World Service Authority President David Gallup writes on the the Citizens for Global Solutions website, “Garry Davis, the founder of the World Citizenship Movement, had two gurus or spiritual guides who helped him understand what it means to be a world citizen, profoundly influencing his thoughts and actions. … We have been taught to think exclusively about and encouraged to love our individual nations as if national citizenship is the pinnacle of our identity. The guru teaches us the ethical power of world citizenship, guiding our hearts and minds toward world unity.”

On the United Nations Foundation website, Sarah Alaoui and Sueann Tannis write, “From Peru to Qatar, young changemakers from the UN Foundation’s +Social Good community are pushing for change even though 2020 changed our world. … As we look for ways to recover better in 2021 and beyond, their leadership, collaboration, and innovation should be an inspiration — showing what’s possible when we take action where we are with what we have to solve global problems.”

Democracy Without Borders writes on its website, “In a global consultation carried out by the United Nations” over the course of 2020, “citizens worldwide have overwhelmingly expressed support of international cooperation but also raised the need for the United Nations to innovate and become more inclusive. … The exercise was the UN’s most ambitious effort so far to gather input from the global public.” An overview of responses and conclusions was provided in the final report Shaping Our Future Together: Listening to People’s Priorities for the Future and Their Ideas for Action.

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