12 january 2021

— Sandra Coyle began her tenure as executive director of the World Federalist Movement/Institute for Global Policy at the beginning of January. Coyle was formerly chief communications officer at the African Economic Research Consortium. WFM/IGP said in a statement, “Sandra represents a new and invigorating input into the next stage of WFM/IGP’s direction in our history since our beginnings in 1947: we are needed now more than ever in seeking improvement to the governance of our world through peace, the rule of law, respect for individual dignity and preservation of our fragile planet.”

— United Nations Secretary-General António said last week, “I am deeply saddened at the passing of Sir Brian Urquhart, the legendary long-time United Nations official. … As one of the Organization’s earliest employees, he set the standard for the international civil service: dedicated and impartial. As an aide to Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, he helped to define the UN’s scope of action in addressing armed conflict and other global challenges. And as a close associate of Ralph Bunche, the renowned UN official and Nobel Peace Prize‑winner, Sir Brian helped to establish and then propel international peacekeeping into wide-ranging use.” Urquhart died at age 101 on January 2.

— UN2020 has adopted the new name Coalition for the UN We Need, with a new website at The organization has also released a 10-page strategic plan for 2021-2023.

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