11 january 2021

— United Nations Association of the United States of America National Council Chair Paula Boland said in a statement, “The [UNA-USA] and its chapters condemn the recent assault on America’s democracy and democratic values. Storming the Capitol and disrupting the procedure of certification is not a peaceful protest. All elected officials and others in positions of civic responsibility must now uphold their oath to defend the Constitution, support a peaceful transition of power, and protect the rule of law.” Similarly, the Global Parliament of Mayors said in a statement, “We have watched the scene unfold at the US Capitol in horror. This lawlessness and violence have no place in a democracy. … The GPM condemns this violence and supports the peaceful transition of power.”

— The World Constitution and Parliament Association announced that the Provisional World Parliament 2021 will take place in New Delhi, India, December 10-12. The Provisional World Parliament “is an international body that meets under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. … Representatives of countries, NGOs, and advocacy groups are welcome to attend as either Delegates or Observers.”

— On the Citizens for Global Solutions website, Lawrence Wittner considers whether the “nationalist tide [is] receding,” writing that it “came as a shock when, during the second decade of the twenty-first century, a new generation of nationalists, invariably rightwing populists, made startling political breakthroughs in their countries. … The continuing popularity of transcending nationalism should not surprise us, for it coincides with the fundamental necessities of today’s world. After all, how can the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, the nuclear arms race, and numerous other worldwide problems be handled effectively without strengthening global cooperation and governance?”

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