8 january 2021

— The Citizens for Global Solutions Book Club this week begins a five-session discussion of Glen T. Martin‘s Constitution for the Federation of Earth: With Historical Introduction, Commentary and Conclusion. The first session will focus on the Introduction, which provides a concise historical overview of world federalism, proposals for United Nations reform, and proposals for an Earth Constitution, as well as the development and key features of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The author will join this Saturday’s discussion session, which can be reached via Zoom at 1700 UTC (12:00 p.m. local time). The Introduction is available online.

— Andreas Bummel and Augusto Lopez-Claros, in an essay on the Democracy Without Borders website, consider “a World Parliamentary Assembly as a catalyst for global cooperation,” writing that such an assembly “would be well-suited to find creative solutions to global problems, including the issue of reform and transformation at the United Nations itself. … With members that are not deferential to sovereign governments, the WPA could be an effective catalyst for renewed global governance. For the opportunity it offers to build democratic legitimacy, to incorporate new perspectives, to develop creative solutions, and to practice global governance, a World Parliamentary Assembly is an important first step towards a brighter global future.”

— Association of World Citizens President René Wadlow reflects on the life of modern dance icon Maurice Béjart, “a world citizen and an inspiration to all, who work for a universal culture.” Béjart “represents a conscious effort to break down walls between artistic forms by combining music, dance, and emotion and the walls between cultures. An inspiration for world citizens to follow.”

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