7 january 2021

Fritz Pointer of Democratic World Federalists writes in an online essay, “The rulers, and the incoming Biden/Harris administration of the United States of America, must decide America’s place in the world. Along with the faulty idea of U.S. ‘exceptionalism’ the U.S. must abandon the paradoxical and harmful concept of ‘first among equals.’ … This new U.S. administration would be wise to choose ‘Membership’ and ‘Partnership’ with the world instead of ‘Leadership.'” U.S. President-elect Joe Biden recently “said that ‘America is back, ready to lead the world.’ A brazen assumption that America should be the planetary leader, despite the vast majority of those who live on Earth not being consulted.”

Ian Goldin and Robert Muggah write in a piece on the World Economic Forum website that the COVID-19 pandemic “offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reset globalization to ensure that the benefits are more widely shared and the threats it compounds — pandemics, climate change, inequality and so on — are greatly reduced. Unless globalization’s dark side is tackled head on, the rise in systemic risk and increasing political pushback will lead to deglobalization. This would mean less multilateral cooperation to address critical global challenges and a poorer, less inclusive and more unsustainable world.”

Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing of the Center for Peace and Global Governance has launched a weekly YouTube series called Re-Imagining Our World, which also streams live on Facebook each Saturday. Thre episodes have aired so far; the first is below:

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